Affiliate with Dust Man's Domain!
So you want to share traffic? Great! There are a few rules that I have for this particular opportunity and they are not strict so let's list 'em.

1. You MUST have one of the following sites to affiliate:
-Mega Man related site (Original, X, Network, etc.)
-Web-comic site related to gaming
***All sites must be maintained or updated at least once every two months, unless you are done with it completely. Make sure to include this in your request if you are done updating it.

2. Make sure to ask PERMISSION for affiliation to place me there.

3. And finally, send request in an e-mail to

4. PLEASE NOTE: I will only have 8 affiliates at a time. If the spots are full, I apologize first hand BUT you can take over a spot if you have a site better then one on my affiliate list. Notify me if you feel your up to it with your URL, e-mail address and reason you feel that your site is better than selected affiliate. If I agree with you, than I shall change it up and honor your site!

And that is all there is to it! If we affiliate, please use one of the 88X31 buttons otherwise I would be honored and happy if you wanted to just link to my site too! Please select one of the banners below and thanks for stopping by Dust Man's Domain!