Ruby Spear's Mega Man Cartoon
"Mega Man, known in Japan as Mega Man: A Rockman series (メガマン: ア・ロックマン・シリーズ, Megaman: A Rokkuman Shirizu?), is a Japanese-American animated television series multi-produced by Capcom Productions, Ruby-Spears Productions, Ashi Productions and Ocean Group and is based on the game series of the same name. The TV series began in 1994 and ended in 1995, and was aired on many syndicated stations at the time. 2 seasons were produced with a third season planned, but the show was cancelled despite respectably high ratings due to budget constraints...[Joe Ruby and Ken Spears]...[,some]...of the [many] producers of the show, redesigned the characters from the Mega Man video games to varying degrees[1]."

Incredible Shrinking Mega Man
Episode #7[1][2]
Written by Gary Greenfield

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This is merely for viewing entertainment only. All rights reserved to Ruby Spears and Capcom.

Terry Klassen, believed to be the voice of Dust Man[3][7]

DUST MAN'S QUOTED LINES AND ACTIONS(including times in cartoon when he says/does them):
01:17 - "YAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!"
02:24 - *GASP*
02:26 - "Here they are!"
02:55 - "AH!! EAH!"
04:00 - "No time, we gotta get this big gemstone back to Wily."
06:10 - "Hey Cutman, when we get to-"
06:14 - "It's Mega Man and his mutt!"
06:22 - *VACCUUM ON*
06:28 - "Playing hard to get huh? Well, take THIS!"
06:32 - *fires buster*
06:42 - *Grabs Mega Man and places them into glove compartment*
06:45 - "Got 'em!"
13:09- "I'm gonna shrink you to dust!"

06:32 - This is the only time, in official history, that Dust Man ever uses his blaster arm and unfortunately they colored him wrong in that exact moment (it's like there was a Dust Man double for that stunt lol)!

7. (Credits)